About GIMA

Corporate Philosophy

  • By understanding visions and goals, we can bring interiors to life by integrating space, technology and people. We believe that each project has the potential to be a unique design problem, and our solutions will be tailored to respond to each individual’s requirements. Budget and schedules do not limit good, creative design; they define it and set the required parameters.
  • Our project portfolio attests that we constantly balance form, function, and financial resources to achieve the best results for our clients and their projects.
  • There are other elements evident in our past experience; primarily among them is the experience of space itself and how the individual uses it, how the individual in the group reacts to it, and how a visitor understands it. Our designs shall express order, create spatial and systems modules.
  • Our design decisions are based upon pragmatic concerns, flexibility, adaptability, environmental appropriateness of materials, human comfort, technology integration as well as less tangible, though no less essential ones: image, pride, sense of community, and personal interaction.
  • We are convinced the design of architectural spaces can actively change the way people live, work and play.
  • Different types of spaces, furnishings, and amenities within these spaces should provide the elements, tools and mechanisms not just to accomplish functional tasks, but also to achieve professional, business, and personal goals.
  • As interior architects and designers we use our knowledge and expertise to offer a wider range of architectural designs and possibilities.

Corporate Values

GIMA sees its central mission as service to client and we are dedicated to providing high quality services that yield results, meeting or exceeding the clients’ goals and expectations. To accomplish our mission we commit to work as a team, seeking solutions that optimize the diverse strengths and contributions of all team members.

  • INTEGRITY: The relationships that are critical to our success depend entirely on maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards. We commit to honesty and integrity in all our communications.
  • INNOVATION: We believe creativity and innovative designs only come by looking into new challenges and different perspectives and exercising our curiosity.
  • UNITY: We are one firm, one team. We believe that the success of the firm is as important as succeeding individually. We work together, building relationships to create ever-greater value for the customers and consumers we serve.